03-May-1988 Mountain View,CA Shoreline Amph., USA

...now I don't really know what to do right here cause we haven't played this song in about 10 years you see, but I'm gonna think of something in a minute. Little Latin Lupe Lu...and I'm afraid of what it's gonna be...I KNOW what it's gonna be...it's a song that...what should it be boys? What Bubba? Naw, naw let's not do that let's do...uh...we did that right? Little Latin Lupe Lu...I got to do something that's gonna inspire me. It's got to feel good. It's got to send these people home rocking baby. It's got to send em home nice and toasty, you know what I mean. So bring this thing up and then follow me boys...you better watch me now. I'm about to get real good. I can't stand myself baby. You know what I mean. Let's stop this thing right here. Now a little guitar please. What can I say...


(Monty Smith)