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The final database of Bruce Springsteen lyrics, setlists, studio sessions. By Paolo Calvi


Complete database of Bruce Springsteen setlists, from 1964 to yesterday. Including studio sessions.

Bruce Springsteen lyrics: nearly every song played by Springsteen is collected here.

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Downloadable Excel files of Bruce Springsteen shows setlists, tour by tour, date by date.

Detailed database of Springsteen unofficial discography, in vinyl and CD.



List of Springsteen official releases, collectable or not: vinyl, CD, 7 inches, videos, etc...

From The Rogues to the E-Street Band, passing from Castiles and Steel Mill.

The Bands of Bruce Springsteen


Query about Bruce Springsteen setlists, songs, bootlegs, lyrics, on the largest Springsteen database on the net.

Updates history, as well as Bruce's speeches, important articles, and other curiosities...

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Bruce Springsteen shows and lyrics from 1964 to yesterday!

This site wants to be a work dedicated to Bruce Springsteen fans who want to know more about Bruce musical activity, and/or are searching for specific information on a certain show or on a particular song he played. The setlist, brucelegs, and Bruce Springsteen lyrics sections are all based on a big underlying database which is weekly updated with shows, setlists, lyrics, and other information taken from the net and elsewhere. Many early years shows setlists are still partially known or totally unknown, so if you should have some information on those or if you live somewhere near the place the unknown show was played and you are available to perform some research, please write me at The same if you know the words or if you decoded the lyrics of some song I still have not included in my list, or if you have details on some obscure 'brucelegs' recording not fully detailed on this site. Helping each other is the best way to make information on Springsteen musical activity easily and freely available to everyone.
Paolo Calvi