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This site does NOT support bootlegs or illegal recording in any way. This kind of recording are not sold, traded or managed here.

The lyrics of the songs are either taken from the internet or, for the most part, obtained from the listening, so they may be inaccurate in many cases. If you notice some errors, please report it (look at the error-reporting section). Thank you.

The owner of each song's copyright, when known, is reported in terms of writer and original performer of the song.
Unless otherwise noted, the author/owner is Bruce Springsteen / Columbia / Sony.
If you think some copyrights are wrongly reported, e-mail me the corrections. They will be verified and eventually inserted.

If the publication of some information in this site is violating someone's rights, the offending material will be removed as soon as possible.

This site is totally free and no-profit: 'By the fans for the fans'. You may use the material taken from here but you should not sell it in any form and neither include it in packages that are sold for money.

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I took some materials from the internet, so some credits may be missing or wrong. 
If you think you should be credited for something that appears in this site, please write to

The most important credit is obviously for John Leach and his "Bruce Base", which gave me the base material from starting this site. My information is more organized, but his sources are better than mines, so he's always a bit furher in updating.

Bruce Base by John Leech

Thanks to "Grethe" for her precious and sharp notes on many, many shows and for her constant monitoring on every error I could make. Great.

Nathan's Missing Tracks site is a big source of lyrics, expecially for the early years. It's very nice, check it out here

Missing tracks

Anyway, speaking about official, discography, the better you can find around is no doubt

Lost in the flood

The discography infos come in big part from Matt and Lori's Page. Many thanks to them.

Everything has been cross-checked with

7 inches discography

The 'Time' and 'Newsweek' cover pictures where taken from the "The Boots" site. One of the best Bruce sites, in my opinion.

The boots

The b/w pictures were taken from, thanks to B. Remer for the permission of using them.

And lastly a brand new link to a very promising local band which is playing music with the right spirit : the used cars !

Major contributor's

Thanks to Alan Glaser ( for his infos about some unreleased and promo items.

Thanks to Massimo Truchet for his notes on the discography section.

Other's contributor's help is written in the note of the show/lyrics it refers to.


If you have some links that you'd wish to be hosted in this page, send a mail to, indicating the new links or the changes to existing ones. The mail should be titled just 'NEW LINK' or 'MODIFY LINK'.

Official SONY sites:

Sony's official Springsteen page
Bruce Springsteen (Sony)

Create your Springsteen traveller's shirt on - a visual guide to your Springsteen legacy.

The 'big ones':

Greasy Lake

Greasy lake

Candy's room

Candy's room



Loose ends

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Clarence Clemons

Other and personal sites:

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