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"Everybody's got a hunger,
a hunger they can't resist,
there's so much that you want you want girl,
you deserve much more than this,
if dreams came true,
oh woudn't that be nice?
But it ain't no dream
we're living through tonight,
girl you want it, you take it,
you pay the price...."

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These pages are automatically generated from a weekly updated DB. If the pages seems too slow, or some error should arise, please let me know. 
Note: many dates are not known with precision. I provided one anyway, indicating 'dummy date' in the notes, to let the session to be searched and sorted by date in any case.
The take/version field refers to an ipothetical version not always corresponding to the 'take' number, the reason is that I need to link the records contents to the proper song, when more than one version exist.
I also inserted a dummy session for each album, since is impossible to know which version was chosen as they are often largely remixed.