"Maybe you'll be out on that road somewhere,
in some bus or train, travellin' along, in some motel room,
there'll be a radio playing, and you'll hear me sing this song;
Well if you'll do, you'll know I'm thinking of you,
and all those miles in between,
and I' just calling you one last time, not to change your mind,
just to say I miss you baby,
good luck, good bye, Bobby Jean

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The "internet trees" are not listed.
The majority of the "copies" are not listed.
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More on CD-Rs: Often you will find some CD-R commented as "containing the whole show". It obviously has to be intended as "the known setlist of the show" if it is a "partial setlist" show. This CD-R are often printed in less than a dozen copies from people who have a tape available or are mastered from internet files downloaded, so you may find different titles from the ones listed here or you may not find the ones I list. Anyway, believe it or not, I do not have any CD-R, so I really can't give better informations than the ones the readers send me.....