05-Jul-1984 Cincinnati,OH Riverfront Coliseum, USA

I got a letter backstage tonight, It's from...uh...Bev Neubauer. I know you're out there somewhere. She says she's in the cheap seats so she's got to be way back there somewhere...all right (?) She says, she says, 'I have been married for seventeen years to a most fantastic and thoughtful man, (that's long). This year he turns forty and he could use a little boost emotionally.
Since he does so many special things for me, I would appreciate it if you could dedicate a song to him. His name is
Ed...Ed I know you re out there, now you're gonna be forty...that's not that bad. It better not be cause I'm almost
thirty five. That's old...it's not old. Um...I guess there's not much consolation I can give to you about getting old. Big Man what's...how old are you? The Big Man is forty...forty two!
Now Ed stop worrying about it.


(Monty Smith)