27-Aug-1981 Los Angeles,CA Sports Arena, USA

GROWIN'UP (first part)

There we were, it was me and Steve and the Big Man, we was walking home down the boardwalk one night...it was a long time ago, and it was raining. We couldn't get a break, we couldn't find no jobs, nobody would hire us (?) on the streets, we were feeling pretty old, I mean we were feeling real old.
Yeah, I was just waiting to get home and throw some Pop Tarts in that toaster, put on some Johnny Carson show, get back in the bed, lay back try to forget my problems. We said, boy remember we used to talk how we was never gonna get old...never. Now here we are...I feel them wrinkles flying in my head right now! So we all went home and we went to bed.
And I remember...all I remember is...is laying there before I went to sleep thinking about...I remember I read that book Peter Pan when I was a kid. This Peter Pan, man, he, this cat said, this cat said you don't never have to get old wherever he lives and here we are, feel my back's killing me...my feet's killing me and all the sudden I hear something up on the roof.
We climbed out the window. We didn't know what it was so we attacked it. Now I said 'Wait a minute, wait a minute, this is Peter Pan we just knocked out man, my nephews are gonna kill me when they hear about this'...why I may have to...first of all he got real old...and then he put on a lot of weight too. He don't look so good in that suit no more. We didn't know what the heck we was gonna do. We decided we better wake this cat up before the kids in the neighborhood hear about this...get some water...get some...wake this cat up. Yeah and the cat started to come to...'Get up here now Pete' and he changed a lot since he was little. We said...'We ain't, we ain't no suckers, we
got Peter Pan here, we're gonna make a deal with him right now. We said 'Peter we heard about all this flying stuff, now why don't you sprinkle a little of that pixie dust so we can take off. This stuff better work too! I oh yeah, yeah (?) Now boys if I remember right, now you got to think some, you got to think some nice thoughts. Clarence that leaves you out, all right? (?) we worked that stuff for an hour and a half, we didn't get no place so we started to get mad, we said 'Pete you better come up with some goods but fast, you won't get back to Never Never Land. We gonna send you back to Never Never Land, you got to come across with some goodies'. That's before we knew we had the secret...now..."

GROWIN'UP (last verse)

(Monty Smith)