24-Aug-1981 Los Angeles,CA Sports Arena, USA

GROWIN'UP (first part)

There we were... It was Christmas Eve. And me, and Clarence, and Steve, we were driving home in Clarence's old car. We didn't have no instruments, couldn't get no jobs anymore. We were down on our luck. We decided that we wasn't even going to give each other presents this year. Somebody'd stolen all our guitars. We were just about to give up show business. And then, we got a flat tire.
I hate flat tires.
We were on this dark road. Wasn't no moon out or nothing, was as dark as you can get. We were surrounded by woods and all we heard was this howling sound coming out of the trees.
So, we were trying to decide who was going to get out and hitchhike to the gas station. Now, I knew that I didn't have to get out. Because I'm the boss, baby!
I don't have to go!
Now, we knew... we knew Clarence, he certainly didn't have to go. He's bigger than Steve! So just as we were pushing Steve through that little side vent window, all the sudden, just like in that movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, we seen a big flashing light come over our car.
<Notes from Close Encounters>
I stuck my head out, I looked up, I seen this cherry red flying saucer with Hooker headers, on the side it said "Moonie's Hamburgers -- One giant step for mankind, two cheeseburgers to go baby!"
This little guy stuck his head out, said, "man, I'm late for a delivery, can you tell me how to get to the New Jersey Turnpike?"
Now, you know, we ain't as dumb as we look. We don't just tell anybody how to get to the New Jersey Turnpike.
So we made a deal, we said if he'd each give us one wish, we'd give him directions how to get back on track. Said, okay. Told him how to get to the Turnpike. And then, right as we stood there, and on Christmas Eve, this dirty rat, this nasty cat, took off in a trail of light, disappeared off into the edge of the sky, without so much as a good-bye.
We felt kind of bad. We felt kind of disillusioned. We almost didn't believe in Santa Claus no more.
But just as that guy was disappearing away, we seen something slip out of the back of his space ship and land about 100 yards down the road. And as we looked, it looked like something we'd been wishing for...

<Audience cheers>

And it was at that moment that we decided to continue in our careers in rock 'n roll...

GROWIN'UP (last verse)

Bye bye New Jersey, we were airborne...

And that's how we're here tonight.