20-Dec-1978 Seattle,WA Seattle Arena, USA

Every day about five o'clock this girl walked by the house. She was the kind of girl you would see but you would never go up and talk to her or nothing you know, like we were never gonna talk to nobody cause our noses were so big. Something like that can happen to you in life you know, if you let it get to you. But so anyway we sat there on the stoop...with our big noses...and we watch this girl walk by every single day for I don't know how long. All summer long, and we decided that we were gonna try and get some guitars...go down to the Western Auto store...got my first guitar at the Western Auto store. It was hanging up beside the mufflers. It was $18.95...'Give me that one Mister'. I got the thing and we came back and I played the guitar...he played the tambourine (keek, keek, keek) and like, you know, but she'd walk by and wouldn't even notice, wouldn't even look. We'd be out there doing 'Twist and Shout', doing with our moves. That's how I got all these moves. Every day I'd be out in front of my house, you know. Nothing. And then for a while we realized we wasn't the only guys on the on the block trying to get her attention. We'd be sitting there and we'd see Clarence, who we didn't know at all at the time, come by riding on his bicycle with no hands playing a saxophone. We said 'Man if that cat can't get her attention we ain't got a chance'. And I was right. We didn't and we never did. So I don't know where she is now back home maybe."


(Monty Smith)