San Francisco, The Winterland, 15-Dec-1978

How are you doing? It's good to be in San Francisco!



What new?
How's the hills?
This is for all the drunks!


All right!
That's disgusting!
Is everybody comfortable?
You guys are too much!
I've read a book about, a few months ago, was a book called "Born on the forth of July", and it was by a man named Ron Kovic, and I loved the book a whole lot. And we'll do this for Ron. It's Darkness On The Edge Of Town.


My pop's listening to me on the radio, so this is for him. My bedroom used to be back, out back over the backyard. And I always remember in the morning I used to hear my father out back underneath the hood of the car trying to get it started so he could go to work. I remember the nights sitting in the dark. This is for him.


Yeah? All right, that's The Promised Land


I remember when I was a kid I used to think that if I was ok, everybody else would be too, and that as long as when I went to bed I said my prayers, that everything would be all right. But you could find out you gotta prove it all night, every night.


Max on the drums, playin' the drums for you. Back home - one two - can we get this up a little bit, Bobby? Back home there's.... we gonna get to that one later, ok? That's a surprise, ok? Back home there's this, there this like, these two streets, Kingsley Avenue and Ocean Avenue, you couldn't ever have been there. And it's like... and they form this big oval. On Friday and Saturday nights, in the summertime, the burn about half the gas in the United States, I guess. But this is for everybody back home in Sixth Avenue in Asbury Park who, I'm sure, will hear this someday through the magic of bootlegging, all right! It's Racing In The Street.


This is for us.



All right, I'm here! We got a lot of people listening in tonight up in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Eugene. So everybody say hello! All right! This is for all those guys. This is a new song; it's called The Ties That Bind.


I got to tell you this story. It was about, it was about 1970 and me and Steve were workin' in this bar in Asbury Park called "The Student Prince" and we were like, we were making no dough, you know, doing nothing, just sitting around, waiting to be discovered or something.... but nobody can discover you in Asbury Park, you know! Gotta get on the Turnpike, at least! Anyway, - bring it down a bit - anyway, we were sitting there one night; matter of fact, it was right around this time of the year, wasn't it, Steve? You know, it was a night - I think - I think it was just like tonight, except it was about 15 degrees outside: it's cold...
It's 3 o'clock in the morning and we're sitting there at this table, everybody's gone home, rest of the band's all gone home, and we're saying "Man, what we gonna do? Here it is - we already did that! - it's like: here it is, this is Christmas time!" I say:"I ain't no money to buy no presents. You ain't got no money to buy no presents, how you gonna buy me a present?" So we made a deal: I wouldn't buy him nothing if he didn't buy me nothing. We were feeling really down, you know, we were going "some Christmas". Do you ever hear people say that? "some Christmas". Right! So we start to walk home down along the boardwalk. Now it's snowin' like crazy out, right? He's carrying the guitars, and somehow I got stuck carrying the amps. I don't now how, I'm supposed to be the Boss,  I got stuck carryin' the amps. So, anyway, we were walking down the boardwalk, I got the amps... shit, goddamn... he's got the guitars. And we're goin'on , we're goin'... "Man, I've had it with this Santa Claus stuff, that's a bunch of junk. I don't believe any of that stuff, you know. What are we gonna do? Gonna go home and watch the late show, it's Christmas Eve, and get into bed by myself, pull the covers up, everybody else is havin' a good, I didn't even get a Christmas tree, did you get one?" So anyway, we were feelin' real down about it, you know, then, all of a sudden, it was funny, we seen this light, shootin' around the moon shiftin' into forth scootin' down towards the boardwalk, and all of a sudden, there he was! Steve, look!


Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, best of luck. Somebody requested this one. This's a song - we never recorded this. This is a song that Southside recorded, it was, I guess, on lots of bootlegs and stuff. It's called Fever.


This is a song that is, this song was originally recorded for the second album, since recorded by Pointer Sisters. So ... it's called Fire. And one,two,three,four...




This is ... you think everything's all right, and wake up and find everything's shot. Point Blank.


Workin', workin'! I gotta work!


Wait a minute! Big Man! - I got a problem. You see: I call her up, she ain't home; I go by her house, she ain't home; I send her a letter, I get no reply; she just wants to lay down and look for somebody else. I drive by her house, really late. I see two silhouettes on the window shades. And that's when - that's when I get mad like Al Capone, I get mad like Pretty Boy Floyd, I get mad like Smokin' Joe, I get mad like ... Popeye! Sometimes, Big Man, sometimes she gets me so mad! How mad? How mad? She gets me so mad that I just wanna.... I just feel like I gotta... I just wanna..... I just feel like if I don't..... I just wanna... I just gotta I just like I got.... I just ..... I just .... I just ..... I just .... I just don't know!

MONA - SHE'S THE ONE (reprise)


to the e-e-end....
hello baby, it's good to see you back again ... honey you're still looking fine, .... it's been such a long, long time, 
but baby I remember you, baby I remember you, and I know you remember me too.
And I know you remember when checking outside of town with someone else, and you remember that stripped-down cadillac, the one you used to take me riding in back, yeah the one you used to take me riding in back, and I know you remember we're going down and down and down on the inside, slipping down and down and down to the inside, slipping down and down and down to the inside, slipping down in way and I know you remember on the ouside, you were cryin' in the street on the inside, slipping down and down and down on the outside.... the cops on the corner, on the inside, slipping down and down and down....
I remember I swore, a long, long time ago, I swore that for you, I'll drive all night, anytime, anyplace, I'll drive all night, just to buy you some shoes, just to buy you a Christmas present, just to check it out, just to see how you doin', just, just for one sweet kiss, just for one just to hear you say that you love me... and I remember that you promised that you'd never leave without me, I remember way back then, you promised that you'd never leave without me, I remember way back then, you promised, and I gave you ???? those days, you promised.... and you lied, you lied, little girl you lied,  little girl you lied, you say now you came back, and I wanna know why, I wanna know why, I wanna know why, I wanna know why, and I wanna know just what makes you think, I mean just what makes you think it's so easy, I mean just what makes you think, just what makes you think it's so easy to stop me, to stop me, to stop, stop, stop, stop....

.....hiding on the backstreets (reprise)...

This next song is the saddest song we're gonna play all night. Matter of fact, we don't usually play this song anymore because I can't get through without cryin'. Do you wanna know why? Well, I'll tell you why! I wasn't always this useless shell of a man you see in front of you. I was in love once. I had a girlfriend. We ran away from mother and father and we came to California. And then she ran away from me. So ever since that day I've been lookin', I've been searchin'. I've been on a nationwide hunt disguised as rock'n'roll tour. You see, now don't tell nobody this, all right? You see I don't really, I don't really play this guitar, see what I really am is I'm a private detective, and I've been lookin' I've been searchin', and so, if you are here tonight, Rosie - come back!


Wherever you are, you can't hide! Come on out tonight! I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the show. Thank you very much. I know a lot of you guys wait out in line to get tickets, then you wait out in line to get in for a long time. I want you to know just how much we appreciate it. Thank you very much. So here's to you!


This is for everybody out in Seattle and Portland, we're gonna be goin' up there and see them in a few days. For you guys, get your dancin' shoes on!


Wait a minute, bring it down, excuse me.  I've just talked - bring it down - we gotta make an emergency announcement. I've just talked to the hall manager and he wanted me to announce that if there's anybody, if there's anybody in the house tonight, that has a weak stomach or a weak heart, could you please, during the next session of this song, step out to the lobby as it might be dangerous to your health. See it ain't so bad when me and the Big Man do this. And it ain't so bad when me and the Big Man do this. And you could even get off with light injuries and a short trip to the emergency room when we do this. Now I bet all those guys on the radio are wondering what we're doing. I didn't do it yet! When I do this, you're in trouble! Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Ready? Ready?


One, two, three, four!



I wanna tell everybody that's listenin' at home: I want you to get up, I want you to turn up the radio as loud as it'll go; I want you to open all the windows in Sacramento and Eugene and Seattle and Portland and San Francisco. If you're drivin' your car roll down the window, when you get to the light, jump - jump out, dance round in the street, get back in, hit your head on the steering wheel, and drive on; and if the cops come knockin' at your door, send all your complaints to Bill Graham care of Winterland, San Francisco, and tell'em, if there's something they need, if there's something they want... they got to raise their hands!!!



Somebody stop me - before I hurt myself
Are you talkin' to me?
Are you talkin' to me?
Are you talkin' to me?
You better talk louder than that!
I think I'm gonna throw up!
I'm just a prisoner ..... of ROCK'N'ROLL!
Do we understand each other? Good!
Bring it up Bill Graham! Let it rock!