07-Apr-1976 Cleveland,OH Allen Theatre, USA

I used to live in a small town, it was about ten thousand people, and  uh... I used to live in this two-family house and at night, my father used to lock up the front door.  So me and my sister, we used to come in around through the kitchen.  And uh, he'd sit in the kitchen all night with all of the lights out, smoke a cigarette, drink some beer. 
My mother'd sit in the front room, watch the TV, you know..  If you came in, if you came in around ten or eleven, or even by midnight, it wasn't too bad.  But if you came in around.. around two or three, he'd always stop me, want me to sit in the kitchen with him and talk to him about something.  He'd start talking to me about what I was doing in school... or if I was looking for a job or something.  Pretty soon we'd be arguing and screaming at each other, my mother'd be running in from the front room, try to keep us from fighting with each other and I'd be...  I'd end up running back outside the house, running out the door telling him how it was my life, I could do what I want...