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Song title: Oh pretty woman

(Orbison, Dees) by Roy Orbison

Oh pretty woman

Pretty woman, walkin' down the street
Pretty woman the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman I don't believe you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you---mercy

Pretty woman won't you pardon me
Pretty woman I couldn't help but see
Pretty woman that you look lovely as can be
Are you lonely just like me---grrowwlll!!

Pretty woman stop awhile
Pretty woman talk awhile
Pretty woman give your smile to me
Pretty woman yeah, yeah, yeah
Pretty woman look my way
Pretty woman say you'll stay with me-ee
Cuz I need you, I'll treat you right
Come with me baby, be mine toni-i-ght

Pretty woman don't walk on by
Pretty woman don't make me cry
Pretty woman don't walk away, hey----OK
If that's the way it must be---OK
I guess I'll go on home, it's late
There'll be tomorrow night, but wait
What do I see?
Is she walkin' back to me?
Yeah, she's walkin' back to me
Oh, oh, pretty woman

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This song has never been published on any official release.

Very few performances of this songs are known (to me, at least!):
 - 21/01/1987 Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York,NY ,USA
 - 04/12/1999 ????, Colt's Neck,NJ ,USA, during the soundcheck.
 - 02/07/2009 Olympic Stadium, Munich ,Germany during the Working on a dream tour
 - 25/09/2009 Apollo Theatre, New York,NY ,USA
 - 29/10/2009 Madison Square Garden, New York,NY ,USA
 - 23/01/2010 Stone Pony, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA

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First known live performance: 21/01/1987 Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York,NY ,USA
Last known live performance: 23/01/2010 Stone Pony, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA

Song 'history':

One only rendering for this song in the Working on a Dream tour (02/07/2009 Olympic Stadium, Munich ,Germany)

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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