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Song title: Dead man walking

Dead man walking

There’s a pale horse comin’
And I’m gonna ride it
I’ll rise in the morning
With my fate beside it

I’m a dead man walking
I’m a dead man walking
I’m a dead man walking

In Saint James Parish
I was born and Christened
How I’ve got my story
Well Mister, there ain’t no need
for you to listen

It’s just a dead man talkin’

I had a job, I had a girl
But between our dreams
and action lie this world

Well, in the deep forest
Their blood and tears rushed over me
All I could feel was the drugs
and the shotgun
And my fear up inside me

Like a dead man talkin’

Beneath the summer sky
my eyes went black
Sister, I won’t ask for forgiveness,
my sins are all I have

Tonight the clouds above my prison
Move slowly ‘cross the sky
There is a new day comin’
And my dreams are full tonight.

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 21/11/1995 State Theatre, New Brunswick,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 23/06/2000 Madison Square Garden, New York,NY ,USA

Song 'history':

Recorded during the TGOTJ sessions, but then not used for the album.
Bruce inserted it 17 times in the setlists of the Ghost of Tom Joad tour
It only saw the light 5 times in the whole Reunion tour
The song made its first official apparition being included, as inedit track, in the bonus CD of the ESSENTIAL compilation, released in 2003.

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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