16-Mar-1996 Copenhagen Falkoner-Teotret, Danemark

Let me do a song I just about started doing. I wrote it a long time ago; 'bout ten years ago, but I never did it. And the reason that I haven't done it would be because
Dude in the audience yells out "Welcome to Denmark" (?)
it's a...
Shuuut up out there...
(Everybody laughs including Bruce...Roaring applause.)
It's the problem you get with rock.
The reason was it was a song I wrote about my mother. I ain't always writing about my father, and you know that sort of...you know it's nice and macho. In rock 'n roll it's okay to write about your father. It's been done! Buuuut, eh...Gee, I'd written about him a long time, I figured people may have been sick at that by now...
Anyway - wherever it was... guilt (?); you know what I mean?
But, eh... But writing about your mother is a tricky thing, because that's... in rock... in rock you can write about FUCKING your mother. That's alright. (Laughs) I mean... That's been done. That's okay.
(audience laughs)
But, ehm... Generally, the... The... Singing about your mother is confined to country music, you know. They do it very well... Or to gospel music. A lot of good mother singers in gospel music.
(audience laughs)
Ehm... 'course, on the other hand, the greatest mother lover of all time, you know Elvis Presley, was...you know... a rock singer.
(audience "Yeah!!)
But he didn't sing a song about his mother, except that first demo that he made (chuckles; audience laughs) And they never put that out, so.... So, you see, I'm treading on thin ice here. But, eh... But, (?) it takes a man to sing about his mother, and...
(laughs nervously... audience cheers wildly)

I think we have one in the house.AAAh... There you go...
There it is, 'n here it is, alright...Better be good now, right? BIIG build-up, better not... Big build-up, better be good. Alright, here we go...
Didn't say it was good..I said it was about my mother...
You see, I'm stalling now; I don't wanna sing the song...
(crowd goes wild)
Aaah, some Danish mother lovers out there, thats good..Alright, this is for them. Hey, let's get through this one, alright?!
(Seems to try out the mike; sings "Well...", starts playing...stops...)
If you brought your mother, this is for you. Alright... I'm gonna... I'm gonna sing it. I'm gonna sing it right now. I promise. Gotta get the Italian in me out: MAMA; MAMA... Alright, that's it... That's enough.
Now, I wanna... I gotta sing the song. Can't use up all your time (?)...
HOOOH, IT'S HOT IN HERE. (goes to drink some water...audience laughs) I'm...I'm...I'm still a little nervous Alright...


(Lucky Town - Bo Clausen)

Alright! Whoa!! That mother singing got you all excited out there.
Alright... Whoa! I'm afraid to do this next song. This is the sole song about sex I'm gonna sing tonight, you know... And, eh... Since that mother-singing got you. I'm afraid what this will do to you. I may have to leave the stage here. I hope not!
Alright... I'll make this long story very short! Ehm... Let me think... Ehm... Well, I'll make it a little long, alright.
I'm in a friend of mines car... Well, actually I was in my mother's Cadillac, that's right.... and meet a friend of mine for dinner.
I got lost on the freeway, 'n I was gonna be an hour late. Trying to practice a new-found maturity, I decided I'd pull over 'n call. And I pull of the freeway, but I'm in a city that I can't name, and... it's just industrial buildings.
Then I see a little bar on the corner. And I pull over the Cadillac and get in the bar in order to (?) pay phone, but I only got twenty bucks.
I go to the bartender. I say "Sir, can you give me a change for the twenty bucks for the phone?" He says: "Well, we don't give any change around here." So I was like: "OK...you mean, like, nobody in the bar gives change, or the whole community somehow got together one day and said 'Fucking no more change.'?"
(audience laughs)
Eh... So anyway, this is going on, the waitress is watching, she comes up and she goes like this (some sort of pose, I don't remember exactly) And she has a quarter. I say "thank you for the quarter!" I go to the phone, put the money in, I dial the number. But it seems I'm just a little bit out of the area code; it's a fifty cent call.
(audience laughs)
So I say "Gees (?) this call cost fifty cents." And she says "Well, that's too bad."
(audience laughs)
Eh... "But, if you'll give me a ride home, I'll give you another quarter."
(waits demonstratively for audience's reaction...laughs...whistling)
Alright... here we go.


Thank you! That's right...Motherhood, sex...it's all connected...

(Lucky Town - Bo Clausen)