19-Nov-1984 Kansas City,MO Kemper Arena, USA

Now, this song, this is a song about, about my personal live I mean the kind of stuff that you're gonna read in the National Enquirer after I die
Or if my girlfriend gets mad at me youíre gonna read it when I am still alive
I gotta be good!
But anyway, when I was like, when I was about 15, I got interested in three things
One, I was interested in playing pool, like my father did
And then I was interested in the guitar
And then the third thing I was interested in was... you know...
One Christmas time, one Christmas time my mother took me down to Sears and for 69,95 she got me one of those little pooltables.
Then like we took it home on top of the car, we tied it to the top of the car and you know, locked it upstairs, I had it, I put it in my bedroom so like I used to bring my girlfriends over and I went to tell my father, I said "Dad, weíre gonna go up in my room and play pool for a little while."
But like, like my bedroom was right over the kitchen and he used to sit in the kitchen all the time and so, if he didnít hear the guitar, and if he didnít hear the pool balls knocking around, he had a broomstick that he used to bang on the ceiling.
Stop that!
You know, but I had it all figured out Ďcause I used to pull the pooltable like real over close to the bed, you know, and every once in a while I like reach up and knock the pool balls around a little bit.
But anyway, as I matured, I put away those childish things. Gave up playing pool, and of the other two, the guitar is the only thing that I became professional at.
But the third thing, Iím still looking for some volunteers who wanna practice, practice, practice
You know you gotta practice all the time. I wanna get it down, this year some time. <giggle>
Anyway, in the end this song is about all things must pass. All those wonderfully frustrated years <giggle> and how in the end it ainít nothing but glory days..
Well, you see, I had this friend who was a big baseball player...."


(Lucky town)