26-Oct-1984 Los Angeles,CA Sports Arena, USA

...always before you go out you're taking that extra time, like, to try and get all dressed up for them I remember like I had this one girlfriend. She used to like cologne, now I never wore cologne, but I went down to the drug store and it's, it's hard to buy cologne because anything you ask for sounds stupid. Like if you say 'Give me some Brut, will you?' They all have like macho names you know like 'Give me some Chaps'...smell like a cowboy and...uh...the girls they do the same thing though. They get all that perfume, you know. You can always tell what kind of date it's gonna be if it's a one, two or three perfume place...giggle. They MUST think that that's where your nose is gonna go for that's where they put it...


(Monty Smith)