08-Aug-1984 E.Rutherford,NJ Meadowlands Arena, USA

...my mother she'd wake us up to go to church. And she had this technique where she'd give you ten minutes, then five minutes and then she'd be standing over you with a cold glass of water. "You gonna get up? Are you gonna get up now?"
"...Mom, just 5 more minutes, Ma, just 5 more minutes"
"Happy water".
So anyway, I (?) was a altar boy (big audience laugh) only for about two, only about two masses. Couldn't learn all that Latin. You know, I used to go, I used to kneel and I used to like, the kid next to me used to know it pretty good and I'd be like ...'nommm-m-m-m-m-m' You can't tell with Latin. It sounds, you do that and it sounds like that's what you're saying. But I did a couple of serves."


(Monty Smith)