18-Jul-1978 Jackson,MI Civic Center, USA

I was in the bathroom one night. I'm standing in the john and in comes this guy and he stands next to me and he says...
"You guys are pretty good, where you're from?"
I said "Well we're from New Jersey"
(audience cheers)
At that time it got no such response...he says: "Uh well, what's that?"
"You know, that's a state, that's a state you know. Suppose you fly to New York", I said, 'Rent a car, roll down the window and drive south till you got to roll em up.' (applause) Naw, no not that bad see only, see, people mistake, they think that north Jersey, which is, which...has a resemblance to the moon, you know. Ever drove through north Jersey all you see are these big industrial things and like craters, you know, for about twenty miles. Well you get down around Asbury Park and it's all right. Anyway this was all leading up to this..."


(Monty Smith)

I think on this song, on this song we're gonna be on the news...so...at eleven o'clock tonight...so. If everybody who
notices a camera in your direction please act like you're going crazy...girls pass out (?) guys scream, tear off your s shirts. We appreciate it and you'll help out. I got a big pimple on my face; maybe they'll shoot you guys instead..."


(Monty Smith)