30-Jun-1978 Berkeley,CA Community Auditorium, USA

"My parents they live about a half hour away from here and I got a sixteen year old sister and she's a...eh! (giggle) Which is sort of funny 'cuz I haven't seen her in about a year or so and you come home and like she's like I remember; last time I was home she's like skating around this little ice skating uniform and I come home this time like she's got a bee-hind and she's got all that other stuff, you know and she says, she's 'Come on I'll take you out, we'll cruise El Camino' so that's what she says to me, right? We go out and she's got like, she wrecked my mother's Toyota. My mother had this Toyota and she smashed up the front end so she could get another car to get the
insurance so she's got this like this late sixties Cougar, you know. Its got (?) 302, eight cylinder, pretty, you know r eal peppy and like uh Earl Scheib paint job, you know still $39.95 or what, is it up? I remember Earl Scheib paint 'cuz I got in a fight with this guy. Earl Scheib used-a like, used-a like leave the windows down he'd do the interior for free...leave your little brother in the front seat and paint him too, no extra charge. So liked uh, remember I got in a fight it was uh, usually stop fighting about eighteen or nineteen. I stopped when I was about ten 'cuz I got beat all the time. These hands just were not dangerous weapons, you know it's like I remember I got in a fight. This guy I remember; I beat the hell out of his hood with my forehead, you know put dents in the thing. It must of been Earl Scheib paint job 'cuz I had blue paint in my hair for three days. It's like ain't that something. Anyway this is for her, this is for all the car boys around here. This is called Racing In the Street.''


(Monty Smith)

"...anybody know any dirty jokes...any clean jokes? A cappella? I don't think you're ready for a cappella with this
band. We can't sing, we got... That's a funny thing with this band, we always had a hard time singing harmonies. We don't have like a what is known as, what we don't have is five good voices.
We got like...we got...one (giggle)...two. Oh bring me a home where the gonna take a nap, OK
guy in the audience yells: What are gonna fall back on?
Ho oh. Good thing my father ain't here to hear that. I got something (here?) It's not working.
<guitar tuning)>
That's Miami Steve's guitar. His guitar stinks. That's why he don't use it he says (more tuning).
You...have a spare? (tuning) Hey wait a minute, I'm threatening the saxophone player (more tuning) It sounds so
bad I can't believe it (more tuning) when in trouble just turn it up...that's uh...Wherever you are..."


(Monty Smith)