31-May-1978 Boston,MA Music Hall, USA

GROWIN'UP (first part)

There we were, it was me and Miami and the Big Man. And we took these girls out to dinner and we took 'em out to the movies. And we were trying to get 'em... get 'em to come over to my house. But they're ditching us and stuff, they didn't want to come.
So, it was about midnight, one a.m. I think it was last July 25th. Was that the date?
And we were ridin' down this dark road. And all a sudden, we were doing 85, then something came shooting past us. Remember that thing that came shooting past us? It was just... It was like a red... Something all striped with red. And as it passed, the right rear tire blew out and we skidded into the swamps and we all bumped our heads and the girls were all full of mud and they were screaming and yelling at us to take 'em home and...
As we looked up, we looked over in the mud, about a hundred yards away, and we saw this thing just sitting there, glowing, sitting there in the dark. It sort of looked like a chartreuse Big Mac.
And street stock racing slicks.
And we got out of the car and we were walking across, across the field and we got up to it and it was about... It was pretty big, you know? It was... And we knocked on the outside. And on the outside, it had a red and white paint, "Big Daddy Don Garlits -- Born to Lose"
So we knocked on it, and this guy stuck his head out. And he said that he was on his way to the solar system, and that if we could tell him... If we could tell him the way to the New Jersey Turnpike, he'd give us each three wishes, ya know... one wish a piece.
So that sounded like a pretty good deal. And we thought about it for a long time. Steve, what'd you wish for?
Oh, Steve wished for a winner at the track, just once. Clarence, what'd you wish for?
Oh yeah. I can't tell you what Clarence wished for.
And me, I said "I'll tell you what... you think... you think... for a million dollars? No. You think that you could make us all movie stars?
And he said, "Uhhh, no, but would you settle for rock 'n roll?"

GROWIN'UP (last verse)