24-Mar-1977 Boston,MA Music Hall, USA

GROWIN'UP (first part)

There I was. It was me, and Miami, and the Big Man. We was riding down this dark road back home in Jersey.  When all a sudden, I was flat out doing 30 miles an hour, all a sudden, BOOM! Flat tire, right? And we're waaay  twenty miles out of town, riding the back roads, it's dark. 'Course we ain't got no spare in this old car, right?

So we're like figuring out what we're going to do. So we see off in the woods, we see this little light shining. So we  say let's head over to the light, maybe somebody lives over there we can, uh, check out, right? So we go off, we're  walking through the woods. Man, it's dark and there's all the woods noise and stuff. And we got like, we got scared  as we can be. We were all huddling together.

All a sudden, we walk about half a mile in, and we come into this little clearing. And it's this gypsy lady sitting in the  middle of the woods, right? Sitting there, looking at us, says “you guys got a flat tire out there, huh?”

I say yeah.

She says, “well, I'll tell you what, tonight's you're lucky night. Stumbled on the old gypsy lady here. Ya know, I ain't  been in business too long.”

I say “what're you doing out here in the woods?”

She says, "I used to work in town, used to make that Love Potion Number 9." This was the same gypsy, right? But  they caught her cutting it with Hawaiian Punch and, like, the Union threw her out of town.

So she's standing out there, she's saying, "Listen, c’mon, you guys have got... Tell you what, you guys have got three  wishes," right?. “Three wishes, the gypsy lady's going to be generous tonight. She's gotta hurry up, I've got a  midnight appointment with my analyst. Can't monkey, gonna make me late.”

So we're thinking, right?

She says, “Miami, you gotta wish first. You want a... Tell me what you want. You want to be a millionaire? You  want to break the bank in Las Vegas? You want all the winning numbers down at the track tomorrow?”

For some reason, Miami opted for a red suit. Right? Which immediately guaranteed him lifetime membership in the   band. Right? So BOOM, the gypsy lady hits his number, he's standing there in a red suit looking cool as he can be.

Goes to the next, the Big Man. Says "Big Man, you tell me what you want. You want a new car? A harem full of  women? Want to be king?”

For some reason, the big man opted for a tuxedo. Right? This guy's got haberdashery on the mind, I can't figure it  out. Just like magic.

So she comes to me next. Says, "Okay, Boss, forget about these other two jerks, what're you going to wish for?  You want to be emperor? You want to be king? You want to own your own Laundromat down at 20th and 5th?  Want a shot on the $20,000 Pyramid?”

I was thinking real hard, I thought about wishing for a spare tire so we could get out of there for one thing. Then I  changed my mind. I said, “Gypsy Lady, I think a number and I know what I want. I want… See if you can cook this  one up, I think I want to be… Think that if I had a wish, and I only had one wish, and it was the only wish I was  ever going to have in my whole life, I think I would wish it, and I think I would wish that I want to be… That I want  to be… That I want to be… That I want to be a rock ‘n roll star!

GROWIN'UP (last part)