04-Mar-1977 Jacksonville,FL Auditorium, USA

'Cause I remember in the summertime, me and this friend of mine used to get... used to get his old man's car and we used to, at night, take off down toward the shore, because I lived about twenty miles inland off a beach, and ah... 
We'd take off down this... this highway, route 33, heading down towards the beach and they... At the time, they wouldn't let us in the bars because we wasn't old enough, we used to... used to park outside on the street, sit on the hood of the car, get the cats to leave the doors open so we could hear the bands blasting out from inside, coming down from the city to play along the shore in the summertime. 

And we'd stay there all night until around four o'clock and I'd head home. And I'd get out of the car, and my old  man used to lock up the front door so I couldn't come in the front. He used to be sitting in kitchen all night long with  the lights out, smoke a cigarette, drinking beer, waiting for me and my sister to come home. 

So, I'd make it up on the porch. At first, I'd stand there in the driveway for a while and I'd... didn't have the guts to  go in and I could look through the screen door and see the light of his cigarette butt at the table. Finally, I'd slick my  hair back real tight and I'd try to make it up to my room. He'd always be calling me to come back and sit down with  him in the dark in the kitchen, he'd always be sitting there telling me... asking me what I was doing with myself. And I  remember this went on... He used to sit in that kitchen at night as long as I can remember, ever since I was a little  kid, with my mom sitting in the front room just... with the TV on, watching TV 'til she fell asleep, got up to go to  work the next morning. We'd sit there in the dark talking, and I could always hear his voice. I'd be squinting real  hard and I could... I could never make out his face. We'd start talking, just about how things was going in general at  first. And then... Pretty soon, he'd get around to asking me where I was getting my money from, what I thought I  was doing with myself and how my whole life was turning into a waste. And we'd always end up screaming at each  other at around four in the morning. My mother'd end up run... waking up, running in from the front room and try to  keep us from fighting with each other. And I'd always end up running out the back door, back out in the street,  telling him, screaming at him, telling him how he was going to have to learn to live with it pretty soon, because it was  my life and I was going to do what I wanted to do...