30-Oct-1976 New York,NY Palladium, USA

...It's funny, it's like, you know, it's like you can't, you can't look cool and feel cool at the same time, you see. It's
impossible, right? It is, you know. Feel like you're stuffed. I haven't worn a suit since my confirmation, (giggle) and like you know, it's like it's funny you get dressed like before a show, you always say "Oh man I look so sharp in this suit" and then, then when you get out there and when you go..."Oh man" then I feel like a stick. But you know my relatives came out(?) Uncle Gene...wait a minute, he's out there, wait a minute, Uncle Gene...where is he? Keep looking for him...this is for my Uncle...Town & Country Cycle (cheers)...that's me...it's me...Professor...


(Monty Smith)