29-Oct-1976 New York,NY Palladium, USA

...I hit my nose on the steering wheel...that's why it looks like this...


...every time I go over to see my Mother she makes me look at my yearbook, you know, she says:
'Come on sit down look at the yearbook with me'
I say "Ah Ma, I look at that thing every time I come over here."
OK, so I sit down I look it and on the first page, like the dog ate the cover off it, but on the first page, on the inside there's this stuff, like from this girl, you know. I forgot she wrote me, you know and it was stuff like, uh, you know, uh..."Good luck"...uh..."in the future" and "I know that we'll always be in love and at least, you know, my half will" and stuff like, like uh, you know '"When you touch me it feels like nobody else" and uh, you know this is, you know embarrassing stuff. You know, but it's like, but and she wrote all this stuff..."We'll be together forever" and stuff and she ran off with this guy that ran this gas station down on the highway. Like, you know, people like, you know these are life's little lessons, you know it's like...forever, it's (giggle) that's such a long time sometimes (laughing). But in my heart I still love her so...so wherever she is tonight...Rosy, come out tonight."


(Monty Smith)