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Song title: What's your name

What's your name

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Statistics from the KILLING FLOOR ( database

This song has never been published on any official release.

Very few performances of this songs are known (to me, at least!):
 - 01/10/1965 Reception hall, Monmouth county,NJ ,USA during the Castiles period
   note: this date is only indicative of the general period
 - 02/04/2011 Wonder Bar, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA

Data from the database
First known live performance: 01/10/1965 Reception hall, Monmouth county,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 02/04/2011 Wonder Bar, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA

Song 'history':

During the early years (1965-1972), played live (at least) 1 time(s) with the Castiles. .
Keep in mind that only a small amount of the setlists of these years has surfaced, so it may have been played a lot more.

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
Data from the database