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Song title: Key to the highway

(Big Bill Broonzy)

Key to the highway

I got the key to the highway,
and I'm billed out and bound to go
I'm gonna leave here runnin',
cause walkin' is most too slow

I'm goin' down on the border,
now where I'm better known
Cause woman you don't do nothin',
but drive a good man 'way from home

Now when the moon creeps over the mountain,
I'll be on my way
Now I'm gonna walk this old highway,
until the break of day

Give me one more kiss mama,
just before I go
Give me one more kiss mama,
just before I go
I'm gonna leave this town,
ain't comin' back no more"

So long baby, now I must say goodbye,
So long baby, now I must say goodbye,
I'm gonna walk this highway, 'till the day I die"

Notes: Bruce Springsteen Band 1971. These lyrics are taken from the original version. Don't know how different Bruce rendering has been.

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This song has never been published on any official release.

Very few performances of this songs are known (to me, at least!):
 - 03/12/1971 Student Prince, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA during the BSB period

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Unique known live performance: 03/12/1971 Student Prince, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA

Song 'history':

During the early years (1965-1972), played live (at least) 1 time(s) with the Bruce Springsteen Band. .
Keep in mind that only a small amount of the setlists of these years has surfaced, so it may have been played a lot more.

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