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Song title: Cynthia


Cynthia, when you come walkin' by you're an inspiring sight
Cynthia, you won't smile or say hi but baby that's alright
'Cause I don't need to hold you or taste your kiss
I just like knowin', Cynthia, you exist
In a world like this
Cynthia, when you pass it seems like this whole town drops
Cynthia, or maybe it s just me, baby, and these fools stuck here punchin' this clock
Well you give us a reason to stop just for a while
Stop, stand and salute your style

Well now you ain't the finest thing I'll never have
And when you go the hurt you leave, baby, it ain't so bad
There ain't a man in this whole town who'd say you ain't fine
You hear the guys talkin', tell me baby do you mind
Well you make us happy, honey, when we feel sad
To see something so good in a world gone bad
There's still Cynthia

Cynthia, no one knows your number, no one knows where you live
Cynthia, I wonder do you understand this strange thing you give
Well baby is it your style, the mystery in your smile
Or just how cool you walk in a world gone wild
Tell me if you will, Cynthia

Well I gotta be pretty naive to believe in you
I know you ain't ever gonna be my dream come true
That's alright, I got other dreams as good as you, Cynthia
Yeah now baby, now this ain't no come-on
Just walk on, Cynthia, walk on
You make me holler, yeah, yeah, alright
I said yeah, yeah, alright
Well she's a yeah, yeah, alright
I said yeah, yeah, alright

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Published on the following official releases:

Very few performances of this songs are known (to me, at least!):
 - 31/08/2003 Giants Stadium, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA during the The Rising Tour
 - 31/07/2005 Schottenstein center, Columbus,OH ,USA during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 01/08/2005 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati,OH ,USA during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 03/08/2005 Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids,MI ,USA during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 06/08/2005 Fox Theatre, Saint Louis,MO ,USA during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 13/08/2005 Pontiac Theatre, Vancouver ,Canada during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 04/11/2005 St. Petersburg Times Forum, Tampa,FL ,USA during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 09/11/2005 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia,PA ,USA during the Devils and Dust tour
 - 10/10/2007 Continental Arena, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA during the Magic tour
 - 24/08/2008 Sprint Center, Kansas City,MO ,USA during the Magic tour
 - 22/09/2012 MetLife Stadium, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA during the Wrecking ball tour
 - 23/07/2013 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff ,Wales during the Wrecking ball tour

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First known live performance: 31/08/2003 Giants Stadium, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 23/07/2013 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff ,Wales

Song 'history':

Recorded during the BITUSA sessions (late 1982-mid 1984), but then not included on the album.
The TRACKS studio out-take collection included for the first (official) time this song.
One only performance during the Rising tour (31/08/2003 Giants Stadium, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA)
Not much used during the Devils and Dust tour, deserving only less than a dozen renderings
Two only renderings for this song in the Magic tour (10/10/2007 Continental Arena, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA and 24/08/2008 Sprint Center, Kansas City,MO ,USA)
Two only renderings for this song in the Wrecking Ball tour (22/09/2012 MetLife Stadium, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA and 23/07/2013 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff ,Wales)
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