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Song title: Jesse James (outtake)

Jesse James (outtake)

Jesse James
It was a sunny afternoon down at the ??? shack
Robert... For the amnesty ??? Robert Ford shot Jesse in the back
He ran Bobby...he ran to Maria, but the freedom he gained from his sins
She said Bobby, oh Bobby what have you done
And she would not marry him

He swore he'd never hang his head in shame
And so he rode with his gun in his hand
Every where across the land people came
To meet the man who shot Jesse James

??? mountainside

He was killed ???
Who was just out to make himself a name
He ??? blood ???
And at night a dream ???

He spoke aloud ???
I'm sorry for what I've done


Notes: Maybe an early take of Robert Ford This is the Lost Master Vol. 10 version

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This song has never been published on any official release.

Never played in regular set.
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Originally recorded acoustically for the NEBRASKA album, but then left out of the album
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