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Song title: Fade to black

Fade to black - July 1981

You say that I, the way I've let you down
You can say that I, baby, give you up right now
But when I'm with you girl, baby there's no doubt how I feel
And I try ???, just fades to black

(I wanna love you ???)
(Ohhhh ???)
(Ohhhh babe)

Monday Matinée, baby in a one-dog town
You were two seats away, I moved two seats down
And the lights cut off, I walk out from my seat
I walk you home, as the credits rise
Fade to black
(Ohhhh fade to black)
(Ohhhh fade to black)
(Ohhhh fade) to black

Baby you can see that I, you can name the things that I've done
But I know baby now, I ain't the only one
Fade to black, oh there's only ???

Da da da da da…

Notes: The two versions are pretty different in the arrangement
[1] See Wages of sin for these verses, too

Fade to black - Fall 1981

Sunday matinée in a one-dog town
You're two seats away, I move two seats down
Wipe the tears from your eyes, the first kiss I stole
I walk you home, the credits roll

Fade to black (4x)

I hear my voice on the telephone
But I'm just runnin' the same old business
I feel like I'm off somewhere so alone
Just watchin' us both run in the distance
Watchin' us both slowly pull back

Fade to black (3x)

I come home, clothes all over the place
You're cryin' in the corner, makeup runnin' down your face[1]
[Suitcase is packed/the fight starts], I end up cursin'
Baby, is this the scene which we been rehearsin'
Is this the one or have I lost track
Waitin' for us to fade to black

Fade to black (3x)

A face red with shame, eyes filled with hurt
I scream out your name, you rip my shirt

Small bungalow, a late afternoon
The sunlight falls like a bright veil
A camera pans an empty room
The picture dissolves and slowly pulls back

Fade to black (3x)

Notes: Home demo from the Pre-Nebraska period. The two version are pretty different in the arrangement
[1] See Wages of sin for these verses, too

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This song has never been published on any official release.

Never played in regular set.
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Originally recorded acoustically for the NEBRASKA album, but then left out of the album
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