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Song title: Street queen

Street queen - London publishing demo

She got high class
She rides around in a cut down Chevy machine
Her eyes are plate glass
And legs like a limousine
She comes stocked with sass
Try it, but better be mean
She's the baddest thing this town's ever seen
Oh, Street Queen

Well she got a turbine engine, Mama
With maximum thrust
Cadillac hips, she's got the best on the strip
She knows how to use a clutch
She comes on shiny and black
And boys to hit her you better be tough
Oh she's the slickest thing that I've ever seen
Oh, Street Queen

And you can always tell, oh Mama when she's around
You can hear that engine roaring
She says "come on, get in, hey baby you wanna go for a ride"
I know she sets your mind soarin'
And the boys they jump back
As that engine unwinds
I'm glued to my seat Mama
As I watch that speedometer climb
Oh she moves so fast she's almost obscene
Street Queen

Well, if you're going to come streakin' down my street, baby
Like an angel with them Chevy Wings
If you're going to come streakin' down my street baby
Like an angel with them Chevy Wings
You better watch out, Street Queen
'Cause you're messing with the king

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This song has never been published on any official release.

Never played in regular set.
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Recorded for the historical 'Hammond demos' in May 1972 and also for the Laurel Canyon / London Publishing demos
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