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Song title: You sure can dance

You sure can dance

Whoa bless my soul
Mmm, yeah you sure can dance
Bless my soul Mama
Ah now you sure can dance
I've been looking for a good lovin' woman
To wed, the news, all-time romance
I've danced through the city, child
And I lived sometine in the country too
I've danced through the city child
And I lived sometime in the country, yes I did
There's only one way to go
You gotta do what you gotta do
Yeah alright

Over on the far right is Garry Tallent on the bass
Here on the right, Steve Van Zandt on the guitar
Well in the back is Mad Dog Lopez on the drums
Here on the left is Dave Sancious on the organ
Gonna get some relief, here we go

Notes: Lyrics are pretty unheardable.

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This song has never been published on any official release.

Very few performances of this songs are known (to me, at least!):
 - 13/11/1971 Student Prince, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA during the BSB period
 - 04/02/1972 The Backdoor Club, Richmond,VA ,USA during the BSB period

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First known live performance: 13/11/1971 Student Prince, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 04/02/1972 The Backdoor Club, Richmond,VA ,USA

Song 'history':

During the early years (1965-1972), played live (at least) 2 time(s) with the Bruce Springsteen Band. .
Keep in mind that only a small amount of the setlists of these years has surfaced, so it may have been played a lot more.

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