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Song title: When you walk in the room

(De Shannon) by Jackie De Shannon (Liberty 55645) 1964

When you walk in the room

I can feel a new expression on my face
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
I can hear the guitars playing lovely tunes
Every time that you walk in the room

I close my eyes for a second and pretend it's me you want
Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant
I see a summer's night with a magic moon
Every time that you walk in the room

Maybe it's a dream come true
Walkin' right along side of you
Wish I could tell you how much I care
But I only have the nerve to stare

I can feel a something pounding in my brain
Just any time that someone speaks your name
Trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom
Every time that you walk in the room
Every time that you walk in the room

Statistics from the KILLING FLOOR ( database

This song has never been published on any official release.

First known live performance: 13/08/1975 Bottom Line, New York,NY ,USA
Last known live performance: 28/07/2013 Nowlan Park, Kilkenny ,Ireland

Song 'history':

The Born to Run tour counted 15 apparitions of this song
In the Reunion tour, the song was only practiced (27/06/1999 Vallehovin Stadium, Oslo ,Norway, during the soundcheck.) but never played in the regular set.
One only performance during the Working on a Dream tour (19/10/2009 The Spectrum, Philadelphia,PA ,USA)
Played once in the whole Wrecking Ball tour (28/07/2013 Nowlan Park, Kilkenny ,Ireland)
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