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Song title: Two faces

Two faces

I met a girl and we ran away
I swore I’d make her happy every day
And how I made her cry
Two faces have I

Sometimes mister I feel sunny and wild
Lord I love to see my baby smile
Then dark clouds come rolling by
Two faces have I

One that laughs one that cries
One says hello one says goodbye
One does things I don’t understand
Makes me feel like half a man

At night I get down on my knees and pray
Our love will make that other man go away
But he’ll never say goodbye
Two faces have I

Last night as I kissed you ‘neath the willow tree
He swore he’d take your love away from me
He said our life was just a lie
And two faces have I
Well go ahead and let him try

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 31/10/1987 The Rumrunner, Sea Bright,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 09/10/2005 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale,NY ,USA

Song 'history':

Played during the '1987 bar tour', which is the name under which I group the 1987 shows Bruce played with various small bands, or guesting, in small NJ clubs.
Published on TUNNEL OF LOVE, in 1987.
Widely used in the Tunnel of Love tour, as it was performed 50 times
Not much used during the Devils and Dust tour, deserving only less than a dozen renderings
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