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Song title: The long goodbye

The long goodbye

My soul went walkin’ but I stayed here
Feel like I been workin’ for a thousand years
Chippin’ away at this chain of my own lies
Climbin’ a wall a hundred thousand miles high
Well I woke up this morning on the other side
Yeah yeah this is the long goodbye
Hey yeah this is the long goodbye

Same old faces it’s the same old town
What once was laughs is draggin’ me now
Waliin’ on rain hangin’ on for love
Words of forgiveness from some God above
Ain’t no words of mercy comin’ from on high
Oh no just a long goodbye
Yeah yeah just one long goodbye

Well I went to leave twenty years ago
Since then I guess I been packin’ kinda slow
Sure did like that admirin’ touch
Guess I like’d it a little too much

The moon is high and here I am
Sittin’ here with this hammer in hand
One more drink oughta ease the pain
Starin’ at that last link in the chain
Well let’s raise our glass and let this hammer fly
Hey yeah this is the long goodbye
Hey yeah this is the long goodbye

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Published on the following official releases:

Very few performances of this songs are known (to me, at least!):
 - 26/06/1992 Festhalle, Frankfurt ,Germany during the Human Touch Tour
 - 24/09/1992 Sports Arena, Los Angeles,CA ,USA during the Human Touch Tour
 - 22/10/1992 Shoreline Amph., Mountain View,CA ,USA during the Human Touch Tour

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First known live performance: 26/06/1992 Festhalle, Frankfurt ,Germany
Last known live performance: 22/10/1992 Shoreline Amph., Mountain View,CA ,USA

Song 'history':

Published on HUMAN TOUCH, in 1992.
Not much used during the Human Touch tour, deserving only 3 renderings
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