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Song title: State trooper

State trooper

New Jersey Turnpike, ridin’ on a wet night `neath the refin’ry’s glow
Out where the great black rivers flow
License, registration: I ain’t got none
But I got a clear conscience `bout the things that I done

Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me
Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me
Maybe you got a kid, maybe you got a pretty wife
The only thing that I got’s been both’rin’ me my whole life
Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me
Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me

In the wee, wee hours your mind get hazy
Radio relay towers lead me to my baby
The radio’s jammed up with talk show stations
It’s just talk, talk, talk, talk, till you lose your patience

Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me

Hey, somebody out there, listen to my last prayer
Hiho silver-o, deliver me from nowhere

Notes: Published on Nebraska, played in the BITUSA and TGOTJ tour. Some verses recall Open all night abd Living on the edge of the world

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 08/09/1984 Civic Center, Hartford,CT ,USA
Last known live performance: 15/11/2012 CenturyLink Center, Omaha,NE ,USA

Song 'history':

Published on the solo album NEBRASKA, in 1982
Scarcely used during the Born in the U.S.A. tour, with less than a dozen inclusions
Played, in acoustic version, at the Christic Shows in LA, 16/17-Nov-1990.
Bruce gave this song only two shots through the Ghost of Tom Joad tour (26/01/1996 Bronco Bowl, Dallas,TX ,USA and 24/04/1996 Brixton Academy, London ,GB)
Soundchecked, but never played, during the Reunion tour
Bruce inserted it 20 times in the setlists of the Devils and Dust tour
Played once in the whole Magic tour (14/10/2007 Scotiabank Place, Ottawa ,Canada)
One only performance during the Wrecking Ball tour (15/11/2012 CenturyLink Center, Omaha,NE ,USA)
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