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Song title: Seeds


Well a great black river a man had found
So he put all his money in a hole in the ground
And sent a big steel arm drivin’ down down down
Man now I live on the streets of Houston town

Packed up my wife and kids when winter came along
And we headed down south with just spit and a song
But they said “Sorry son it’s gone gone gone”

Well there’s men hunkered down by the railroad tracks
The Elkhorn Special blowin’ my hair back
Tents pitched on the highway in the dirty moonlight
And I don’t know where I’m gonna sleep tonight

Parked in the lumberyard freezin’ our asses off
My kids in the back seat got a graveyard cough
Well I’m sleepin’ up in front with my wife
Billy club tappin’ on the windshield in the middle of the night
Says “Move along man move along”

Well big limousine long shiny and black
You don’t look ahead you don’t look back
How many times can you get up after you’ve been hit?
Well I swear if I could spare the spit
I’d lay one on your shiny chrome
And send you on your way back home
So if you’re gonna leave your town where the north wind blow
To go on down where that sweet soda river flow
Well you better think twice on it Jack
You’re better off buyin’ a shotgun dead off the rack
You ain’t gonna find nothin’ down here friend
Except seeds blowin’ up the highway in the south wind
Movin’ on movin’ on it’s gone gone it’s all gone

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 03/07/1985 Wembley Stadium, London ,GB
Last known live performance: 05/06/2016 Wembley Stadium, London ,GB

Song 'history':

31 perfomances were given during the Born in the U.S.A. tour
The song made its first official apparition being included, as inedit track, in the 'LIVE 1975-85' box set
Played at the Bridge Benefit show, 13-Oct-1986.
Largely (55 times) played during the Tunnel of Love tour
14 perfomances were given during the Human Touch tour
Played at the Bridge Benefit show of 1995.
Played once in the whole Ghost of Tom Joad tour (24/04/1996 Brixton Academy, London ,GB)
Largely (62 times) played during the Working on a Dream tour
Scarcely used during the Wrecking Ball tour, with less than a dozen inclusions
Scarcely used during the High Hopes tour, with less than a dozen inclusions
Played once in the whole 2016 The River tour (05/06/2016 Wembley Stadium, London ,GB)

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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