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Song title: Paradise by the C

Paradise by the C


Notes: tipically used as opener of the second set
A love so fine and So young and in love are played on this instrumental base.

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 19/05/1978 Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 02/08/1988 Estadio V.Calderon, Madrid ,Spain

Song 'history':

Often played during the Darkness tour (52 times)
The song made its first official apparition being included, as inedit track, in the 'LIVE 1975-85' box set
The Tunnel of Love tour counted 12 apparitions of this song
In the Reunion tour, the song was only practiced (13/09/1999 First Union Center, Philadelphia,PA ,USA, during the soundcheck.) but never played in the regular set.
The song was then included in the THE TIES THAT BIND Anniversary Box, released in 2015.

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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