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Song title: Murder inc.

Murder inc.

Bobby’s got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow (oh yeah)
Out on the streets your chances are zero (oh yeah)
Take a look around you (come on now)
It ain’t too complicated
You’re messin’ with Murder Incorporated

Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go (oh yeah)
Walkin down the streets, there’s eyes in every shadow (oh yeah)
You better take a look around you (come on down)
That equipment you got’s so outdated
You can’t compete with Murder Incorporated
Everywhere you look now there’s Murder Incorporated

So you keep a little secret down deep inside your dresser drawer
From dealing with the heat you’re feelin’ out on the killin’ floor
No matter where you step you feel you’re never out of danger
so the comfort that you keep’s a gold-plated snub-nose thirty-two
now papa tell your kids go play some notes
I hear that you, you got dogged downtown, man it leaves your head cold oh yea] [1]
I heard that you
you got a job downtown, man that leaves your head cold
And everywhere you look life ain’t got no soul (oh yeah)

That apartment you live in feels like it’s just a place to hide
When your walkin’ down the streets you won’t meet no one in the eye
Now the cops reported you as just another homicide
I could tell that you was just frustrated from livin’ with Murder

Everywhere you look now
Murder Incorporated
Down on your knees
Everywhere that you turn it’s murder
Everywhere you look there’s murder.

Notes: [1] This part [...] is really unguessable. The verses SONY wrote down in the Gr. Hits are very uncertain.

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 21/02/1995 Tramps Night Club, New York,NY ,USA
Last known live performance: 02/02/2017 AAMI Park, Melbourne ,Australia

Song 'history':

Recorded during the BITUSA sessions (late 1982-mid 1984), but then not included on the album.
The song made its first official apparition being included, as inedit track, GREATEST HITS compilation, released in 1995.
In 1996 Sony released the BLOOD BROTHERS video (and mini-CD), which included also this song
A frequent number (52 apparitions) of renderings during the Ghost of Tom Joad tour
A real milestone of each setlist of the Reunion tour
The last NY show(s) of the Reunion Tour were released in both CD and DVD (more songs) 'LIVE IN NYC', which included also this song
In the Rising tour, the song was only practiced (12/11/2002 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati,OH ,USA, during the soundcheck. and 26/07/2003 Giants Stadium, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA, during the soundcheck.) but never played in the regular set.
The Magic tour counted 14 apparitions of this song
Just less than a dozen shots during the Working on a Dream tour
The Wrecking Ball tour counted 23 apparitions of this song
It only saw the light 4 times in the whole High Hopes tour
Just less than a dozen shots during the 2016 The River tour
Performed 4 times during the 2017 Summer tour

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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