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Song title: I'm a rocker

I'm a rocker

I got a 007 watch and it’s a one and only
It’s got a I-Spy beeper that tells me when you’re lonely
I got a Batmobile so I can reach ya’ in a fast shake
When your world’s in crisis of an impendin’ heartbreak

Now don’t you call James Bond or Secret
Agent Man
Cause they can’t do it, like I can
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker - every day
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker

If you’re hanging from a cliff or you’re tied to the tracks, girl
Columbo split and you can’t find Kojak
True love is broken and your tears are fallin’ faster
You’re sufferin’ from a pain in your heart
or some other natural disaster

Now I don’t care what kind of shape you’re in
If they put up a roadblock, I’ll parachute in
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker - I’m in love
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker - every day
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker - with you

So you fell for some jerk who was tall, dark and handsome
Then he kidnapped your heart and now he’s holdin’ it for ransom
Well, like a mission impossible I’m gonna go and get it back
You know I would’a taken better care of it, baby, than that

Sometimes I get so hot girl, well, I can’t talk
But when I’m with you I cool off , and I walk
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker, and I talk
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker, every day
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker, every day

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 18/10/1980 Kiel Opera House, Saint Louis,MO ,USA
Last known live performance: 11/09/2016 Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh,PA ,USA

Song 'history':

Published on the double album THE RIVER, in 1980
A frequent number (58 apparitions) of renderings during the River tour
19 perfomances were given during the Born in the U.S.A. tour
In the Reunion tour, the song was only practiced (15/09/1999 First Union Center, Philadelphia,PA ,USA, during the soundcheck.) but never played in the regular set.
During the Rising tour, the song was played less than a dozen times
Bruce gave this song one only shot through the Magic tour (23/06/2008 Sportpaleis, Antwerp ,Belgium)
Bruce gave this song only two shots through the Working on a Dream tour (05/04/2009 F.Erwin Center, Austin,TX ,USA and 08/11/2009 Madison Square Garden, New York,NY ,USA)
It only saw the light less than a dozen times in the whole Wrecking Ball tour
One only rendering for this song in the High Hopes tour (18/05/2014 Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville,CT ,USA)
Published in live version in the DVD: 'Tempe 80' of 'THE TIES THAT BIND'
A discrete number of performances (49) was given during the 2016 The River tour

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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