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Song title: I get mad

I get mad

I got a problem! I call her up She ain't home I go by her house She ain't home I send her letter I got no reply She just want to lay down and look for somebody else. I drive by her house, really late. I see two silhouettes on the window shades and that's when that's when I get mad like Al Capone I get mad like Pretty Boy Floyd I get mad Like smokin' joe I get mad like Popeye Sometimes, sometimes, She gets me so mad, how mad? How mad……. that I wanna I just feel like I gotta I just wanna I just don't know!

Notes: Often used as introduction/tail of She's the one in 1978. This is the version of the monumental 15-Dec-1978 show

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 18/11/1978 Miami University, Oxford,OH ,USA
Last known live performance: 31/12/1978 Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland,OH ,USA

Song 'history':

The Darkness tour counted 19 apparitions of this song
Published in live version in the 3rd DVD: House Cut 'Houston '78 of 'The Promise'
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