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Song title: 10th avenue freeze-out

10th avenue freeze-out

Tear drops on the city
Bad Scooter searching for his groove
Seem like the whole world walking pretty
And you can’t find the room to move
Well everybody better move over, that’s all
I’m running on the bad side
And I got my back to the wall
Tenth Avenue freeze-out, Tenth Avenue freeze-out

I’m stranded in the jungle
Taking all the heat they was giving
The night is dark but the sidewalk’s bright
And lined with the light of the living
From a tenement window a transistor blasts
Turn around the corner things got real quiet real fast
She hit me with a Tenth Avenue freeze-out
Tenth Avenue freeze-out
And I’m all alone, I’m all alone
And kid you better get the picture
And I’m on my own, I’m on my own
And I can’t go home

When the change was made uptown
And the Big Man joined the band
From the coastline to the city
All the little pretties raise their hands
I’m gonna sit back right easy and laugh
When Scooter and the Big Man bust this city in half
With a Tenth Avenue freeze-out, Tenth Avenue freeze-out
Tenth Avenue freeze-out…

Notes: Jazz musician could be an early take of this.

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 20/07/1975 Palace Theatre, Providence,RI ,USA
Last known live performance: 15/12/2018 Walter Kerr Theatre, New York,NY ,USA

Song 'history':

Recorded during the 1974 and/or Born to Run sessions (and released on the BORN TO RUN ALBUM)
Widely used in the Born to Run tour, as it was performed 132 times
Often played during the Darkness tour (44 times)
A frequent number (91 apparitions) of renderings during the River tour
Scarcely used during the 1982-1984 period, during which Bruce played, with various small groups or guesting, in a number of bars and small clubs of the New Jersey area, with 3 inclusions
The Born in the U.S.A. tour counted 26 apparitions of this song
The song (in live version) was then included in the 'LIVE 1975-85' box set
Often played during the Tunnel of Love tour (36 times)
Played, in acoustic version, at the Christic Shows in LA, 16/17-Nov-1990.
Played once in the whole Human Touch tour (24/06/1993 Meadowlands Arena, E.Rutherford,NJ ,USA)
A real milestone of each setlist of the Reunion tour
The last NY show(s) of the Reunion Tour were released in both CD and DVD (more songs) 'LIVE IN NYC', which included also this song
Scarcely used during the Rising tour, with 4 inclusions
33 perfomances were given during the Magic tour
A discrete number of performances (42) was given during the Working on a Dream tour
Published in live version in the 3rd DVD: House Cut 'Houston '78 of 'The Promise'
Played quite each night of the Wrecking Ball tour, with only one absence
During the High Hopes tour, the song was regularly included in every show
Published in live version in the DVD: 'Tempe 80' of 'THE TIES THAT BIND'
Widely used in the 2016 The River tour, as it was performed 59 times
Published in live soundtrack of 'Springsteen on Broadway' show
Performed 14 times during the 2017 Summer tour
Performed every night of the Springsteen on Broadway tour

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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