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Song title: Crush on you

Crush on you

My feet were flyin’ down the street
just the other night
When a Hong Kong special
pulled up at the light
What was inside, man,
was just c’est magnifique
I wanted to hold the bumper and let her
drag me down the street

Ooh, ooh, I gotta crush on you
Ooh, ooh, I gotta crush on you
Ooh, ooh, I gotta crush on you tonight

Sometimes I spot a little stranger
standing ‘cross the room
My brain takes a vacation
just to give my heart more room
For one kiss, darling I swear
everything I would give
Cause you’re a walking,
talking reason to live


Well now she might be
the talk of high society
She’s probably got a lousy personality
She might be a heiress to Rockefeller
She might be a waitress or a bank teller
She makes the Venus de Milo
look like she’s got no style
She make Sheena of the Jungle
look meek and mild
I need a quick shot, Doc,
knock me off my feet
Cause I’ll be minding my own business
walking down the street... watchout!

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 03/10/1980 Chrysler Arena, Ann Arbor,MI ,USA
Last known live performance: 28/07/2016 Frogner Park, Oslo ,Norway

Song 'history':

Published on the double album THE RIVER, in 1980
31 perfomances were given during the River tour
In the Reunion tour, the song was only practiced (25/09/1999 First Union Center, Philadelphia,PA ,USA, during the soundcheck. and 27/09/1999 United Center, Chicago,IL ,USA, during the soundcheck.) but never played in the regular set.
Played once in the whole Magic tour (18/08/2008 Richmond Coliseum, Richmond,VA ,USA)
One only rendering for this song in the Working on a Dream tour (08/11/2009 Madison Square Garden, New York,NY ,USA)
Published in live version in the DVD: 'Tempe 80' of 'THE TIES THAT BIND'
A discrete number of performances (48) was given during the 2016 The River tour
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