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Song title: Save my love

Save my love

Now there's something coming through the air that softly reminds me
Tonight I'll park out on the hill and wait until they find me
Here slipping through the ether, a voice is coming through
So keep me in your heart tonight and I'll save my love for you

So turn up your radio and darling dial me in close
We're riding on the airwaves and we're traveling coast to coast
Over river and highway your voice comes clear and true
Though we're far apart tonight, I'll save my love for you

Hold me in your arms and our doubts won't break us
If we open up our hearts, love won't forsake us
Let's let the music take us and carry us home

There's a prayer coming through the air like a shot straight through my heart
Tearing open the evening sky, tearing me apart
Now I'll ride that signal down the line till I'm home again with you
So turn up your radio and I'll save my love for you
Turn up your radio and I'll save my love for you

Notes: Appeared on The Promise, an never heard of beofre that moment. Stated to have been recorded in NJ in 1976

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 04/11/2010 Soldiers and Sailors Hall, Pittsburgh,PA ,USA
Last known live performance: 05/09/2016 Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater, Virginia Beach,VA ,USA

Song 'history':

Recorded during the DARKNESS studio sessions, but then not used for the album.
Published on the 'The Promise' Album, released in November 2010.
Another version of the song also appears on the 'The Promise' Album, released in November 2010, in the Thrill Hill Vault 1976-1978 DVD volume
Just 5 shots during the Wrecking Ball tour
It only saw the light 3 times in the whole High Hopes tour
During the 2016 The River tour, the song was played 3 times

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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