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Song title: My Oklahoma home

My Oklahoma home

When they opened up the strip
I was young and full of zip
I wanted someplace to call my home
And so I made the race
and I staked me out a place,
And settled down along the Cimarron

It blowed away
it blowed away

My Oklahoma home, it blowed away
well it looked so green and fair
when I built my shanty there
now my Oklahoma home
is blowed away

Well I planted wheat and oats,
got some chickens and some shoats,
Aimed to have some ham and eggs to feed my face
Got a mule to pull the plow
got an old red muley cow
And I also got a fancy mortgage on this place

Well it blowed away
It blowed away
All the crops that I've planted blown away
Well you can't grow any grain
if you ain't got any rain
everything except my mortgage blown away

Well it looked so green and fair
when I built my shanty there
I figured I was all set for life
I put on my Sunday best,
with my fancy scalloped vest
and I went to town to pick me out a wife
She blowed away
she blowed away

My Oklahoma woman blowed away
Mister as I bent to kiss her
She was picked up by a twister
My Oklahoma woman blown away

Well then I was left alone
just listenin' to the moan
Of wind around the corners of my shack
So I took off down the road yeah
when the south wind blowed
I traveled with the wind upon my back
I blowed away
I blowed away

Chasin' that dust cloud up ahead
once it looked so green and fair
now it's up in the air
My Oklahoma farm is over head

Well now I'm always close to home
It don't matter where I roam
For Oklahoma dust is everywhere
Makes no difference where I'm walkin'
I can hear my chickens squawkin'
I can hear my wife a-talking in the air
It blowed away
It blowed away

Yeah, my Oklahoma home
it blown away
But my home Sir, is always near
It's up in the atmosphere
My Oklahoma home is blown away

Well, I'm a roam'n Oklahoman
but I'm always close to home
I'll never get homesick until I die
Cause nomatter where I'm found
My home's all around
My Oklahoma home is in the sky
It blowed away
It blowed away

My farm down on Cimarron
now all around the world
where ever the dust i swirled
There is some from my Oklahoma home

Oh and it's blown away
it's blown away

Oh my Oklahoma home is blown away
Yeah, it's up there in the sky
in that dust cloud over n' by
My Oklahoma home is in the sky

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Published on the following official releases:

First known live performance: 20/03/2006 Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park,NJ ,USA
Last known live performance: 21/11/2006 The Odyssey, Belfast ,Ireland

Song 'history':

Played during the rehearsals for the We shall overcome / The Seeger session tour, in Mar/Apr 2006.
Published on the 'WE SHALL OVERCOME - THE SEEGER SESSIONS' Album, released in April 2006.
A stable inclusion in each The Seeger Session tour show

The song was also played in informal happenings or off-tour appearances
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