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01-Oct-1965 Fort Monmouth,NJ Fort Monmouth Teen Club,USA

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Unknown setlist
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According to Castliles manager Tex Vinyard it was following this show that two kids in attendance gave Springsteen a partially written song. Springsteen shaped and finished the song, which emerged as the soul anthem "Sidewalk" - the best of Bruce's early creations. The song proved so popular with audiences that, according to Vinyard, it would sometimes be performed three or four times per show.

01-Oct-1965 Monmouth county,NJ Reception hall,USA

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01 If you need me [George Theiss on vocals]
02 I understand [George Theiss on vocals]
03 Good times, bad times [George Theiss on vocals]
04 Summertime [George Theiss on vocals]
05 Sentimental journey [George Theiss on vocals]
06 Never on Sunday [George Theiss on vocals]
07 Sidewalk [George Theiss on vocals]
08 Unknown song [George Theiss on vocals]
09 In the mood [George Theiss on vocals]
10 Tired of waiting for you [George Theiss on vocals]
11 500 miles [George Theiss on vocals]
12 Satisfaction [George Theiss on vocals]
13 Wipeout [George Theiss on vocals]
14 Stranger on the shore [George Theiss on vocals]
15 What'd I say [George Theiss on vocals]
16 Moon river [George Theiss on vocals]
17 You've lost that lovin' feeling [George Theiss on vocals]
18 Walk, don't run - early years [George Theiss on vocals]
19 What's your name [George Theiss on vocals]
20 Till there was you [George Theiss on vocals]
21 The last time [George Theiss on vocals]
22 For your love [George Theiss on vocals]
23 Unknown song [George Theiss on vocals]
24 I got you babe [George Theiss on vocals]
25 The "third man" theme [George Theiss on vocals]
26 In the still of the night [George Theiss on vocals]
28 Play with fire [George Theiss on vocals]
29 Tell me [George Theiss on vocals]

This precious information come from BRUCEBASE. You can see there for better details. The date of this show is uncertain. ONE show, with The Castiles the sole act on the bill. The above-mentioned 27 songs titles (plus 2 titles that are illegible) have been culled from a surviving inventory/setlist document (see photo below) that was originally in the possession a member of The Castiles. This list is believed to have emanated from a wedding reception the band performed in the autumn of 1965. With the exception of “Sidewalk” (co-written by Bruce) all of the songs are covers of other artist’s material, with the most recently released song at the time being Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” (July 1965). The setlist includes numerous 1964 thru early 1965 “British Invasion” hits by the Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks, Zombies and Beatles – a clear indication of the kind of music the band was playing at teen gigs. The high proportion of 1950’s ballad material in this particular show (sung by George Theiss, not Bruce) is likely the result of it being a wedding, with manager Tex Vinyard making sure his boys also cater to the older relatives in attendance. THERE IS NO CIRCULATING AUDIO OF ANY OF THIS PERFORMANCE. Killing Floor's note to Brucebase analysis: In my humble opinion, the setlist may be a "proposal setlist" and the scraped song may have not been played at all.

08-Oct-1965 Howell, NJ I.B. Club,USA

Unknown setlist
If you know or remember something about this show, please
write me at . Your help is important!!

ONE show, double billing, with THE CASTILES opening for New York-based outfit THE FLORESCENTS. Bruce and the band had started out by performing at obscure, private functions in Freehold. This was quite possibly Bruce and the band’s first publicly advertised nightclub appearance. Organized by shore area musician-promoter Norm Seldin.

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