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01-May-1965 Freehold,NJ The Elks club,USA

Unknown setlist
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According to statements Bruce made in the fall of 1976 as part of his management litigation (the comments are quoted in the book “Down Thunder Road”) the first band that Bruce had an association with was THE ROGUES. Springsteen had previously mentioned “The Rogues’ during an interview that took place in Chicago with PLAYBOY magazine in Sept 1975 (that interview was published in the March 1976 edition of Playboy). In the 1975 Playboy interview Bruce merely gave the reporter the name “The Rogues”, along with the names of his other pre-CBS affiliated bands. However Springsteen’s fall 1976 comments about are more detailed, although still brief and confusing. Bruce seems to mention a date-unspecified gig with THE ROGUES at The Elks Club in Freehold and also mentions (again, in vague terms) a couple of follow-up gigs. Quite mysteriously these two above-mentioned instances are the only ones where Bruce has cited a pre-Castiles musical affiliation with anyone. In all other known cases Bruce has steadfastly referred to The Castiles as his first-ever band - and has never even so much as hinted at any earlier band connection. THE ROGUES were a Rumson-Fairhaven based group specializing in vocal surf-related music that formed in spring 1964 but played only a handful of gigs in its first year. The band started performing semi-professionally (with a manager) in the summer of 1965. The lineup of THE ROGUES from mid-1965 thru mid-1966 consisted of Thom White (vocals), Hunter McKee (vocals), Bill Scinto (rhythm guitar), John Waszdorp (lead guitar), Doug Hamill (bass) and Mike Waters (drums) – these band members were all from the Rumson, Fairhaven, New Shrewsbury and Middletown area. Their ages ranged from a year younger to two years older than Springsteen. THE ROGUES became one of the more popular local shore area bands of the mid-1965 thru late-1966 period and played at many of the same venues during this period as THE CASTILES. BRUCEBASE has spoken at length with several members of the 1965 line-up of The Rogues, including founding member Mike Waters. All members of the band are adamant that Springsteen was never an official, unofficial, apprentice or try-out member of their band. The also unaware of another band in the area using the name “The Rogues” at that time. Although members can vividly recall meeting and jamming with Bruce during the summer of 1966 (both the Rogues and Castiles were playing together at The Surf N See Club), none of the members can recall jamming with Springsteen in 1965. Intriguingly though, members of The Rogues have confirmed they did perform 2 or 3 gigs in Freehold around mid 1965 and cannot rule out (though none can recall) Springsteen being there and jamming with them at either at a soundcheck or some post concert party.

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