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01-Feb-1965 Freehold,NJ The Elks club,USA

 - This date is a DUMMY DATE indicating the generic period

Unknown setlist
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Dummy date. From Brucebase: THE CASTILES can be seen as having evolved directly from THE SIERRAS, a band formed in the autumn of 1964 that included George Theiss (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bart Haynes (drums, vocals), Mike DeLuise (lead guitar) and Vinnie Roslin (bass). THE SIERRAS spent most of its short life in rehearsal, although apparently they did perform once at The Elks Club. Around February 1965 bassist Vinnie Roslin quit the band to join THE MOTIFS, an outfit fronted by a dynamic singer - Walter Cichon. It is noteworthy that Roslin has stated in interview that at the time he quit THE SIERRAS he had neither met nor heard of Springsteen, nor had Tex Vinyard approached THE SIERRAS with any management offer. Vinnie Roslin was replaced in THE SIERRAS by a bassist named "Henry" (surname unknown). A couple of weeks later an additional vocalist named "Danny" (surname unknown) was added to the line-up. It was at this point (March 1965) that Tex Vinyard approached the band after hearing them rehearsing next door in Bart Haynes' house. Vinyard (a strict taskmaster) agreed to manage the group and, over the course of the next few weeks, fired vocalist "Danny", guitarist Mike DeLuise and bassist "Henry" - leaving only Theiss and Haynes as remaining members. It was at this time (April 1965) that George Theiss changed the name of the group from THE SIERRAS to THE CASTILES. Tex Vinyard hired Frank Marziotti as the new guitar-bass player and, shortly afterward, Paul Popkin as a new vocalist. Thus THE CASTILES (Line-up # 1) was born, featuring Theiss, Haynes, Marziotti and Popkin. However Line-up # 1 was short-lived and is not known to have performed a paid gig. In May or June 1965 Tex Vinyard hired Bruce Springsteen as lead guitarist - thereby creating Line-up #2 of THE CASTILES. With Springsteen on board the band spent six weeks in rehearsal and made its public debut in July 1965. Under the skilled management of Norman Seldin THE MOTIFS released a great single (“Molly”) in Nov 1965 and became the #1 role model for aspiring young bands in the area. The MOTIFS remained the most popular shore band until 1967 when lead singer Walter Cichon was drafted and later killed in Vietnam. Following the breakup of The Motifs in 1968 Vinnie Roslin formed CHILD-STEEL MILL with Springsteen.

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