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PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT -- Very first copies, glued insert.

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Title : PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT -- Very first copies, glued insert.
Support: 1 LP
Matrix: S1-A
Producer: Retro
Vinyl: Black

Repressed or copied on the following releases:
PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT - Unknown Repress D (LP)
PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT - Unknown Repress C (LP)
PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT - Unknown Repress B (LP)
PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT - Unknown Repress A (LP)
PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT - Retro First press (deluxe cover). (LP)

Many versions and variations around. The 'distinctive elements' are mainly 4:
1) The cover which may be:
* deluxe
* b/w insert. Note that the insert may be flying or glued, but this is not considered a difference.
* b/w insert but filtered in dark orange - brown.

2) The matrix, which may be:
* S-1A // S-1B , note the dash after the "S" (let's call it type 1)
* S1-A // S1-B , note the dash after the "1" (type 2)
* RBL-1 S-1A

3) The label, which may be:
* RETRO custom label
* plain white label

4) The contour of the RBL-1 letters in upper left part of cover/insert, which are
* on the same background of the rest of the writing ('excellent stereo'
* on a somehow 'cleaned' background.

As far as I know, custom RETRO lables are always associated with the 'type 2' matrix.
Seems reasonable to assume the the RBL-1 was 'cleaned' in later copies, for visibility reasons before copying the insert / cover.
On the other hand, it's hard to say if the "S-1A + RBL-1" came before or after the simple "S1-A" copies.
Logic would say they came after, since the "S-1A" part of the label is identical and has not been rewritten, but it is also true that it seems a strange idea to add at a later time what seems to be a distinctive sign of the original producer. I saw it on only one copy, so it may have been added by hand.…
To make it short, I think the 'regular background for RBL-1' copies were the first to have been pressed, and they seem to circulate only in the 'insert' form, even if the insert is well glued to the cover. They have custom RETRO label.
This is the copy this database entry refers to.

1/1Because the night Passaic,NJ,Capitol Theatre(USA) 19-Sep-1978/1- -
1/2Point blank   "- -
2/1Not fade away   "- -
2/2She's the one   "- -
2/4Good rockin' tonight New York,NY,Madison Square Garden(USA) 22-Aug-1978/1- -
2/5The fever New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 16-May-1973/1-99

Bruce Springsteen - PROVE IT EVERY NIGHT