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JERSEY DEVIL -- First press

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Title : JERSEY DEVIL -- First press
Support: 1 LP
Matrix: HAR 147
Producer: HAR
Vinyl: Black

Repressed or copied on the following releases:
JERSEY DEVIL - Unknown Dragon Fly labels (LP)

B/w insert. One of the first Bruce boots. Repressed in many forms, but the originals must have a silver label on one side reporting titles for the other, too, and above all EVERY song written on the insert must be present on the record. Originals have been pressed in black (the most common, or better: the less impossible to find), red (even more difficult), and in a magnificent multicolor vinyl edition (obviously the rarest). All of them have identical silver label on one side and HAR 147 matrix with strange dedications after the matrix number (THIS SIDE IS FOR CHAR - THIS SIDE IS FOR CAROL).
Note that at the era time of these pressings, labels were not so easy to print, after some hundreds of copies, the 'producer' also used his other 'label' (idle mind production as b-side label). Anyway the most copies has a blank label for the b-side, and this was studied, infact the label of side one also report the titles for side 2. Some copies of this original pressings came with an insert flyer produced at the time to inform buyers - but this also got the "author" in trouble as it had an address to obtain the items on it - which the law enforcement personnel used to track down the individual.
The funny thing is that at least four version of this is insert are circulating:
In my analysis the very first version is the more 'domestic' of the four with just an address. This should date before the end of 1975 as the price is the lower of all the fliers.
Then came a more 'professional' blue insert that should date from early 1976.
Almost in the same period (end of January 1976) another blue insert was inserted in the copies distributed, but this time the interesting thing is that is seems types with the same machine of the album insert.
The last known insert was surely printed after all the over mentioned one, as it refers to a late mid 1976 show. The very strange thing is that on all the insert that refers to HAR titles (3rd and 4th), the HAR codes are wrong!! This will always remain a mistery to me!!!
Also repressed under labels other than HAR, or by HAR itself, maybe, but I refer it as another record (see).

1/1Circus song Los Angeles,CA,Ahmanson Theatre(USA) 01-May-1973/1From AS 52 Release -
1/2New York song Bryn Mawr,PA,The Main Point(USA) 24-Apr-1973/1- -
1/3Spirit in the night   "- -
1/4Santa Ana   "- -
2/1Tokyo   "- -
2/2Thundercrack   "- -
2/3Thunder road Bryn Mawr,PA,The Main Point(USA) 05-Feb-1975/1And partly from official release -

Bruce Springsteen - JERSEY DEVIL