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E TICKET -- First press (RR labels)

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Title : E TICKET -- First press (RR labels)
Support: 1 LP
Matrix: ESB-75-002
Producer: Ruthless Rhymes
Vinyl: Black

Repressed or copied on the following releases:
E TICKET - Unknown Artwork label (LP)
E TICKET - Unknown Heavy picture vinyl (LP)
E TICKET - Unknown Advance press (repress?) (LP)
E TICKET - Unknown Different matrix (LP)
E TICKET - Ruthless Rhymes Blank labels (LP)

Historical item. Original have matrix ESB-75-002 and Ruthless Rhymes labels. B/w picture cover. Actually I'm not sure if the first press (leaving aside the advance press, see later) is this one or the one with the custom 'head' label. A first repress (later copies of first press?) had same matrix and same quality cover, but no labels.
Then repressed in the same months with matrix GO1002 and worse quality cover, notably darker.
A heavy vinyl picture disc exist, from the same era of the original (matrix 'E TICKET').
Other repressings with the same cover may exist.
A blank-cover pre-release is said to exist, and it should be a white stamped and hand numbered white sleeve with the same matrix and labels. It's unclear the role of the so-called 'advance pressing' stamped cover edition with custom green labels(ST/MX1), since this circulated massively and at low cost in late '80, and it seems a modern reprint.
See specific entries for all these copies for more details.

1/1Rosalita (Come out tonight) New York,NY,914 Studios(USA) 01-Jul-1973/1Instrumental1
1/2Kitty's back   "-3
1/3Thunder road New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Mar-1975/1-2
1/44th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) New York,NY,914 Studios(USA) 01-Jul-1973/1Instrumental1
2/1Walking in the streets New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Mar-1975/1-1
2/2She's the one   "-1
2/3A love so fine New York,NY,????(USA) 16-Oct-1974/1Instrumental1
2/4Born to run New York,NY,914 Studios(USA) 01-Aug-1974/1-2
2/5Thunder road New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Mar-1975/1Acoustic1
2/6Jungleland   "tail with chorus3

Bruce Springsteen - E TICKET